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Many container terminals all over the world strive to be mega-hub port through improving efficiency of terminal operation with high technology. Not only operating equipments in container terminal, but also container terminal gates are introducing state-of-the-art technologies in order to develop an effective gate system. This study focuses on an automation(More)
In this paper we have presented an approach that combines the advantages of simulation models and an optimization method related to total cost calculation of an optimal throughput. We have shown that our method is able to generate competitive optimal throughput of CT should be the planning objective since it gives more economical solutions. Computational(More)
Due to the expansion of container port facilities and many market suppliers, competition among container terminals (CTs) is at the level of threatening the management income and expenditure of port management companies. This paper develops a noncooperative game model and a cooperative game model which involve four CTs located in North Port and two terminals(More)
Since the vessels are getting larger and the efficiency of container terminals is more required, highly automated container terminals are being developed and operated. The ECT in Netherlands and the CTA in Germany fully automated container terminal (ACT) – have improved productivity through automated yard and transportation areas. But after building these(More)
By virtue of information technology enhancement, many efforts to raise port competitiveness through an advanced operation system are actively being made, and judging from the viewpoint of investment effect, these efforts are more preferable than infrastructure expansion and additional equipment acquisition. Based on simulation, this study has tried to prove(More)
Under this economic circumstance, the logistics firms located in port take better advantages than those in other areas. This study observed those firms with consciousness to which matters were affected a growth of the logistics IT firms. This study considered in terms of three factors which are an economic factor, a political factor and an internal-ability(More)
Due to the changing business environment in the global scale, the competition between container ports has become very severe in the last few decades. The ports started to invest in their infrastructure and information systems in order to increase their efficiency and to sustain their position as a hub of their region. On the other hand, Turkish ports fell(More)
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