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It has been recognized that ginsenoside Rg3 is not naturally produced in ginseng although this ginsenoside can accumulate in red ginseng as the result of a thermal process. In order to determine whether or not Rg3 is synthesized in ginseng, hairy roots were treated with methyl jasmonate (MJ). From HPLC analysis, no peak for Rg3 was observed in the controls.(More)
In the pathophysiology of diabetic retinopathy (DR), advanced glycation end products (AGEs) and vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) are thought to have important roles. It is known that VEGF causes a breakdown of the blood‑retinal barrier (BRB) and retinal neovascularization; however, how AGEs affect the retina has largely remained elusive. OSSC1E‑K19(More)
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