Nam. H. Kim

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A vision system for measuring the area of an arbitrarily shaped object is described. The algorithm consists of a gray-level thresholding technique combined with a region correction procedure based on mathematical morphology. All processing steps are carried out on a microcomputer system equipped with a video digitizer. The algorithm has been successfully(More)
The quantitative analysis of the depth of injury, penetration of therapeutic agents in tissues, and the regeneration of vascular patency after a graded degree of thermal injury requires a knowledge of the shape and spatial configuration of the vascular networks in the tissue. We have applied computational stereo vision techniques to describe the 3-D(More)
An extended generalised partially linear single-index (EGPLSI) model provides flexibility of a partially linear model and a single-index model. Furthermore, it also allows for the analysis of the shape-invariant specification. Nonetheless, the model's practicality in the empirical studies has been hampered by lack of appropriate estimation procedure and(More)
Image segmentation for quantifying damage based on Bayesian updating scheme is proposed for diagnosis and prognosis in structural health monitoring. This scheme enables taking into account the prior information of the state of the structures, such as spatial constraints and image smoothness. Bayes' law is employed to update the segmentation with the spatial(More)
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