Nam-Chun Cho

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PURPOSE To investigate the predisposing factors, clinical presentations, treatment results, and prognosis of keratitis caused by mixed infectious agents (bacteria and fungi). METHODS This is a retrospective study of cases with mixed bacterial and fungal keratitis, presented between January 2000 and December 2007 at a tertiary referral hospital. The study(More)
Ischemic optic neuropathy due to hemorrhaging remote from visual pathway can occur after surgery. This complication is usually associated with a chronic bleeding disorder, such as gastrointestinal hemorrhage, diabetes, arteriosclerosis, and/or metal poisoning. There are many complications related to cemented hemiarthroplasty in patients who have a femoral(More)
We report a case of linear nevus sebaceous syndrome with seizure, mental retardation, and hemiparesis. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) clearly demonstrated associated brain malformations of unilateral megalencephaly with cortical dysplasia and white matter change ipsilateral to the sebaceous nevi of the face and neck. Although magnetic resonance(More)
Levofloxacin (LVFX, DR-3355), a new synthetic quinolone derivative antibacterial agent, was evaluated for its pharmacokinetics and clinical efficacy in obstetric and gynecological infections, and the following results were obtained. Concentrations of LVFX in serum and intrapelvic genital organs such as uterine and adnexal tissues were determined following(More)
Pharmacokinetic studies and clinical evaluations of cefotiam (CTM) were carried out in perinatal mothers and infants and following results were obtained. The drug was promptly absorbed after intravenous injection or intravenous drip infusion in pregnant women, producing dose-related peak serum levels. Placental transfer to the fetus was effective. After(More)
Since the introduction of linac radiosurgery in October 1994, we have treated 27 patients with 36 lesions. We treated nine AVM, 12 metastatic brain tumors, two malignant lymphomas, one anaplastic astrocytoma, two meningiomas, and one brain tumor of unknown pathology. In the follow-up examinations at least five months after treatment, the local control rate(More)
Ten patients (8 with moderate or severe infections, 2 for prevention of postoperative infections) were treated with cefoxitin. The patients were given cefoxitin of 2 approximately 9 g, given once, or in 2 approximately 3 divided doses. Clinical efficacy was good in 7 cases, fair in 2 and poor in 1. Transient nausea and vomiting occurred in 1 patient when a(More)
BRL 25000, consisting of 250 mg amoxicillin (AMPC) and 125 mg clavulanic acid (CVA), was studied in the field of obstetrics and gynecology. Tissue concentrations The concentrations in venous serum and arterial serum of uterus, different sites uterus, oviduct and ovarium were determined. Tissue concentrations of AMPC and CVA corresponded to 45--75% and(More)