Nam Chul Kim

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Mutations in VCP cause multisystem degeneration impacting the nervous system, muscle, and/or bone. Patients may present with ALS, Parkinsonism, frontotemporal dementia, myopathy, Paget's disease, or a combination of these. The disease mechanism is unknown. We developed a Drosophila model of VCP mutation-dependent degeneration. The phenotype is reminiscent(More)
Mitome is a specialized mitochondrial genome database designed for easy comparative analysis of various features of metazoan mitochondrial genomes such as base frequency, A+T skew, codon usage and gene arrangement pattern. A particular function of the database is the automatic reconstruction of phylogenetic relationships among metazoans selected by a user(More)
The processing, electromechanical properties, and micro-structure of lead zirconate titanate (PZT) ceramics over the grain-size range of 0.1–10 µm were studied. Using measurements over a large temperature range (15–600 K), the relative role of extrinsic contribution (i.e., domain-wall motion) was deduced to be influenced strongly by the grain size,(More)
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