Nallari Pratibha

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A patient with Sturge-Weber-Dimitri disease presented with intractable seizures and progressive intellectual deterioration. There was no facial nevus or focal neurologic abnormality. CT disclosed bilateral calcification in a parieto-occipital gyral pattern. Histopathology of the brain revealed extensive calcification of vessel wall in parieto-occipital(More)
INTRODUCTION Robertsonian translocation is one of the major chromosomal rearrangements with a prevalence rate of 0.1% of the general population and 1% of the infertile population. In this report, we present a nonhomologous Robertsonian translocation in a female patient with a history of repeated abortions. CASE PRESENTATION A couple with the complaint of(More)
Apoptosis plays an important role in atherogenesis and rupture of vulnerable plaques in coronary artery disease. FAS and FAS ligand (FASL) induce apoptosis when FAS binds to FAS-L. However sFas blocks apoptosis by binding to FAS and FASL or sFasL. The present study is sought to examine the role of extrinsic apoptotic genes (FAS, FASL) polymorphism and serum(More)
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