Nallamothu Satyanarayana

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On-chip buses in deep-submicron designs have large propagation delay due to dominant coupling capacitance. As delay impacts system performance, several techniques have been proposed in literature to minimize it. A common point in most of the existing techniques is to consider uniformly distributed random data, but the propagation delay is data dependent and(More)
Usage of information and communication technologies for content development and delivery is increasing with evolution of communication channels and variety of devices. With the increasing trend in accessing content through online mode, it has become important to assess the content before its publication in digital format especially in education sector. This(More)
Generation of flash X-rays (FXRs) at less than 500 keV is described with emphasis on experimental investigation. The pulser is a Tesla transformer-Water transmission line based pulsed power generator operating in double resonance mode to power a rod-pinch diode. The configuration of aspect ratio reported here falls much below the normally reported ratios(More)
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