Nalini H Kulkarni

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Previously, we generated P-element insert lines in Drosophila melanogaster with impaired olfactory behavior. One of these smell-impaired (smi) mutants, smi60E, contains a P[lArB] transposon in the second intron of the dsc1 gene near a nested gene encoding the L41 ribosomal protein. The dsc1 gene encodes an ion channel of unknown function homologous to the(More)
The avoidance response to repellent odorants in Drosophila melanogaster, a response essential for survival, provides an advantageous model for studies on the genetic architecture of olfactory behavior. Transposon tagging in a highly inbred strain of flies in combination with a rapid and simple statistical behavioral assay enables the identification of not(More)
— This paper describes Galerkin finite element (FEFLOW) models for the simulation of groundwater flow in two-dimensional, transient, unconfined groundwater flow systems. This study involves validation of FEFLOW model with reported analytical solutions and also comparison of reported Explicit Finite Difference Model for groundwater flow simulation (FDFLOW).(More)
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