Nalini Govindarajulu

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On the basis of medical officers diagnosis, thirty three (N = 33) hypertensives, aged 35-65 years, from Govt. General Hospital, Pondicherry, were examined with four variables viz, systolic and diastolic blood pressure, pulse rate and body weight. The subjects were randomly assigned into three groups. The exp. group-I underwent selected yoga practices, exp.(More)
This study explores the potential application of cost of quality programmes to non-profit Arts and Cultural Organisations (ACOs). At first, we assess the unique nature of ACO non-profit operations and propose a framework of processes using Deming’s model of business operations as a guideline. We identify two typical and distinct activities, ‘creative’ and(More)
Labor unions have a significant impact on the economy in the United States and rest of the world. Although membership rate in unions has declined slowly over the last few decades, there were over 15 million unionized wage and salary employees in the United States alone in the year 2004 (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2005). In addition, almost 13% of(More)
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