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This paper describes the establishment of an e-Learning platform for Asia-Pacific countries where teachers and researchers of this reg ion can share their knowledge and collaborate in education and research activit ies in order to face the challenges of the rap idly changing world. In the first part of the paper, the present e -Learn ing status, scopes and(More)
The decision making process in Bangladesh regarding the acceptance of nuclear power plants has been analyzed on the basis of authors’ psychology-oriented artificial society model [1]. The first part of this paper includes the selection of agents for the modeling, and collection of various parameters of Bangladeshi society. In particular, a “keyword analysis(More)
With the advancement of Information communication Technology in Sri Lanka, teachers should take advantage to upgrade their teaching techniques. Because, E-learning techniques are getting very popular in Sri Lanka. Students should be allowed to learn anytime, anywhere and at their own place. Teachers should be able to keep collection attractive questions and(More)
E-learning is about bringing education to people instead of bringing people to education. It involves the delivery of contents, courses and training via electronic media such as the Internet and intranet. E-Learning provides just-in-time training delivery as well as flexible access to lifelong learning. It can help organizations re-train their staff and(More)
Inscriptions are used as resources for studying ancient history of any counties of the world. Brahmi script is one of the most important ancient letters in South Asia. It became the matrix of Debanagari character used for Sanskrit and Hindi. And, it produced Burmese script, Khmer script, Thai alphabet, Laotian alphabet, Tibetan alphabet, etc., during the(More)
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