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The MICs and MBCs of the new difluorinated quinolone drug sparfloxacin against type strains belonging to 21 species of mycobacteria were screened. The MICs and MBCs were within the range of 0.1 to(More)
A collection of 105 clinical isolates originally identified as Mycobacterium africanum were characterized using both phenotypic and genotyping methods. The phenotypic methods included routine(More)
Smooth- and rough-colony variants of Mycobacterium avium serovar 4 were treated with three classes of drugs. The drugs were chosen for their potential inhibitory effects on the biosynthesis of the(More)
BackgroundFrench Guiana has the highest tuberculosis (TB) burden among all French departments, with a strong increase in the TB incidence over the last few years. It is now uncertain how best to(More)