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Energy security paradigm, structure of geopolitics and international relations theory: from global south perspectives
Over the years the notion of energy security is gaining wider acceptance not only in day to day state practices but also in the epistemological framework of geopolitics as well as InternationalExpand
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Political and Security Challenges in Central Asia
Central Asian states are facing a grave threat to their security from drug trafficking in recent years. Geo-strategic location, unstable socio-political situation, and emergence of radical partiesExpand
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The Domestic Linkages to Eurasian States’ Perception on Global Politics: ‘Normative Idioms’ versus Empirical Practices
Eurasia’s preponderance in global politics is gaining because of its location, resources, as well as mosaic population having diverse ethnic backgrounds. Since the invasion by the Mongolians in theExpand
Energy security and pattern of regional conflicts in Eurasia: From a constructive framework of analysis
The term energy security is undergoing a sea change from a state-centric economic conception to a sociological one. The definitional aspect is undergoing a transformation because of the changingExpand
Regional Processes and Geopolitics of India, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan (IATU)
The article attempts to examine the nature of interaction that exists among India, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan (IATU) and the need to give an institutional basis to such a relationshipExpand
Afghanistan’s ‘Political Insecurity’ and the Emerging Geopolitical Calculus in Eurasia
The ‘sustainable peace’ is eluding Afghanistan over centuries. This can largely be attributed to both external geopolitical factors as well as the internal domestic realignments. Often these twoExpand
Migration and Its Impact on Security of Central Asia
Migration is emerging as an important source of threat to the peace and security of Central Asia. This is happening, notwithstanding the fact that this region is receiving substantial amount ofExpand
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Geopolitics of Energy Security in Central Asia: Implications for India
Central Asia which was in the ‘periphery’ of global politics during the last decade of the 20th Century is gaining more prominence in recent years. In addition to the strategic advantage it gotExpand