Nalesh Sivanandan

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In this paper we present HyperCell as a reconfigurable datapath for Instruction Extensions (IEs). HyperCell comprises an array of compute units laid over a switch network. We present an IE synthesis methodology that enables post-silicon realization of IE datapaths on HyperCell. The synthesis methodology optimally exploits hardware resources in HyperCell to(More)
In this paper, we present an architecture named REDEFINE Hyper Cell Multicore (RHyMe) designed to efficiently realize HPC application kernels, such as loops. RHyMe relies on the compiler to generate the meta-data for its functioning. Most of the orchestration activity for executing kernels is governed by compiler generated meta-data made use of at runtime.(More)
In this paper, we present a compilation flow for HPC kernels on the REDEFINE coarse-grain reconfigurable architecture (CGRA). REDEFINE is a scalable macro-dataflow machine in which the compute elements (CEs) communicate through messages. REDEFINE offers the ability to exploit high degree of coarse-grain and pipeline parallelism. The CEs in REDEFINE are(More)
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