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From an investigation of a statistical model-based voice activity detection (VAD), it is discovered that a simple heuristic way like a geometric mean has been adopted for a decision rule based on the likelihood ratio (LR) test. For a successful VAD operation, the authors first review the behaviour mechanism of support vector machine (SVM) and then propose a(More)
The IP multimedia subsystem (IMS) could very well be the best solution for most telecom operators. The more recent releases have included interfaces to fixed line networks and wireless LANs. This has consequences both for the migration of the core network as well as the integration of future mobile services and applications. Also, an interworking between(More)
The Long Term Evolution supports high peak data rates (100 Mb/s in the downlink and 50 Mb/s in the uplink), low latency (10ms round-trip delay) in different bandwidths ranging from 1. 4MHz up to 20MHz. In mobile broadband networks like LTE, the high performance of the radio network can be realized with proper scheduling of resources for different types of(More)
A two-month-old male 40 kg Korean native calf was referred to the Chonbuk Animal Medical Centre, College of Veterinary Medicine, Chonbuk National University because of prolonged diarrhoea, depression, and anorexia lasting three weeks. On physical examination, abdominal distension presented in the right flank and a percussion sound was audible. A(More)
Instant Messaging is a very popular service in wire and wireless networks. Also, numerous IM communities have been created ,and multiple operators in the world have developed platforms supporting IM services in different environments. Therefore, IM interworking between hetero-geneous networks is considered to be a major step in order to enlarge IM(More)
Five intact male group-raised Tosa dogs were diagnosed with transmissible venereal tumours. Surgical removal with electrocautery and a cryogun was conducted because the owner wanted to maintain the fertility of the dogs. The dogs were followed up for 12 months. The surgical wounds were completely healed by five to six weeks. The dogs remained fertile(More)
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