Nakkeerar Subramanian

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Self inflicted injury to the eyes including self-enucleation is a rare phenomenon. The authors describe a case of bilateral self-enucleation in a patient with paranoid schizophrenia. A review of literature shows that self-enucleation is correlated with moral, religious and psychodynamic paradigms and various unconscious mechanisms have been proposed to(More)
INTRODUCTION Law governs the admission and management of involuntary admissions of mentally ill persons who are admitted under the provisions of the mental health act. The court directs the doctor to take charge of such persons. In the further dealings of such person the medical officer of the psychiatric facility comes across legal terms, which require(More)
BACKGROUND Mentally ill prisoners, when requiring admission in a psychiatric facility, have to be admitted only by a reception order of a judicial magistrate and convicts by warrants issued by the Government to jail superintendents and the superintendent of the hospital. Both can be only under Section 27 of The Mental Health Act, 1987. MATERIALS AND(More)
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