Nakhostin Maher

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A two-choice bioassay was developed to evaluate the role of host-plant berry compounds on the oviposition site acceptance of the generalist moth Lobesia botrana (Denis & Shiffermüller). A key feature was the lining of the bioassay arena with felt which focused oviposition on the test substrates. Initial experiments comparing substrates with different(More)
One common dogma in ecology is based on the competitive exclusion principle. Hence, competition is often considered to be one of the primary determinants of the structure and functioning of ecosystems. In this paper, we investigate how the native Vespa crabro and the recently introduced Vespa velutina show some degree of niche differentiation that(More)
Im Rahmen unserer radiologischen Untersuchungen des Felsenbeins vor Cochlear-Implant-Operation entwickelten wir eine bisher nicht beschriebene Methode zur Erstellung von Nativschichten des nicht entkalzifizierten Felsenbeins, das vorher computertomographisch untersucht wurde. Die Problematik bestand in der Übertragung der Scanebene des CT auf den(More)
the goal of this research is to evaluate alternative transmission systems from remote wind farms to the main grid using low-frequency AC technology. Low frequency means a frequency lower than nominal frequency (60/50Hz). The low-frequency AC network can be connected to the power grid at major substations via cyclo-converters that provide a low-cost(More)
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