Nakhla Zina

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One of the main problems arising in the field of the health is the Adverse Drug Event (ADE). The computer system which aimed to prevent the ADE lacks the ADE knowledge standardization. So the background ADE knowledge is needed. This study presents ADE ontology of diabetes disease which includes the terms relative to the diabetes ADE. Our goal is to organize(More)
Ontology aims to organize knowledge of specific domain and provides a definition for the vocabularies and their relationships. Ontology plays an important role in the construction of database, it can be used to extend the classical model of databases. Several approaches were proposed to build database based on ontology structure. This Database called(More)
The Adverse Drug Events (ADE) provide many problems in the health domain as death, handicap, temporary incapacity The cardiology specialty is more sensitive to ADE because cardiac patient used many types of drugs, which can provides ADEs. Many computer systems aimed to prevent ADE, but have limits caused by the absence of a structure knowledge background(More)
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