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The massively parallel hybridization technologies by DNA chips and microarrays make it possible to monitor expression patterns of the whole set of genes in a genome under various conditions. The vast amount of data generated by such technologies necessitates the development of a new database management system that integrates expression data with other(More)
Bioassay-guided isolation of serine protease inhibitors from a marine sponge, Coscinoderma mathewsi, has yielded 1-methylherbipoline salts of halisulfate-1 and of suvanine. Structures of these compounds were identified by spectroscopic analyses and literature data. Antithrombin and antitrypsin activity was determined.
Microangiopathic hemolytic anemia (MAHA) is a term which describes the association of hemolytic anemia with red cell fragmentation caused by microangiopathy mechanically. This paper reports a 45-year-old woman with bone metastases from breast cancer. She developed MAHA and disseminated intravascular coagulation (DIC). Although the prognosis of MAHA(More)
A study has been made of the modification of the wettability and the surface potential of polystyrene by ion bombardment and implantation. Substrates used were polystyrene (PS) dishes. Ne bombardment and Naion implantation were performed at energies of 50 and 150 keV with fluences between 1 x 10(14) to 1 x 10(17) ions/cm2. The surface potential was examined(More)
1,8-[1,8-Naphthalenediylbis(4',4-biphenyldiyl)]naphthalene, a very stable strained cyclophane, has been synthesized in moderate yield using the copper-catalyzed coupling of 1, 8-bis(4-(tributylstannyl)phenyl)naphthalene. The X-ray analysis of the titled compound discloses bent p,p'-biphenylylene chains with splayed naphthalene rings, and the(More)
A 43-year-old Tibetan woman living in northwest Sichuan, China, confirmed to be a taeniasis carrier of Taenia solium was treated with pumpkin seeds combined with Areca nut extract in October 2009. All 20 tapeworms except one without scolex were expelled under good conditions. She was free of secondary cysticercosis within one year follow up. Although the(More)