Nakako Kobayashi

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The rapid and widespread expansion of rubber plantations in Southeast Asia necessitates a greater understanding of tree physiology and the impacts of water consumption on local hydrology. Sap flow measurements were used to study the intra- and inter-annual variations in transpiration rate (Et) in a rubber stand in the low-elevation plain of central(More)
The understory evergreen trees showed maximal photosynthetic capacity in winter, while the overstory deciduous trees showed this capacity in spring. The time lag in productive ecophysiologically active periods between deciduous overstory and evergreen understory trees in a common temperate forest was clearly related to the amount of overstory foliage. In(More)
This study quantified stomatal conductance in a CO2-fertilized warm-temperate forest. The study considered five items: (1) the characteristics of the diurnal and seasonal variation, (2) simultaneous measurements of canopy-scale fluxes of heat and CO2 and the normalized difference vegetation index (NDVI), (3) the stomatal conductance of sunlit and shaded(More)
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