Najwa Hayaati Mohd Alwi

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E-learning is a new method of learning and it depends on the Internet in its execution. Internet has become the venue for a new set of illegal activities and E-learning environment is now exposed to the threats. In this paper the benefit and growth of e-learning is elaborated. This paper discusses the security elements needed in e-learning. In addition,(More)
Today's increased reliance on Information and Communications Technology (ICT) has raised the expectations for service quality, reliability and availability. Such expectations have introduced BCM as a crucial requirement for organizations. BCM is a management process that helps in improving the organization's resilience to interruptions caused by information(More)
In Teaching and Learning (TnL) process, the success of disseminating fast information to the students seem to be hampered by the infrequent use of its e-learning system. Students are more likely to engage and communicate through social media. This paper aims to investigate the frequency of social media use among undergraduates in USIM and analyze their(More)
As the successful implementation of the e-government depends on the viable security, all the concerns related to it need to be addressed. This is because information security contributes directly to the increase in the level of trust between the government’s departments and the citizens by providing an assurance of confidentiality, integrity, and(More)
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