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The accumulation of calcium ions (Ca) was examined in the rat brain by means of 45Ca autoradiography following the application of a weak anodal direct current to the surface of the sensorimotor cortex. Repetition of the anodal polarization with 3.0 microA for 30 min caused more Ca to accumulate in the cerebral cortex. The degree and extent of accumulation(More)
An anodal direct current of 0.3 microA or 30.0 microA was unilaterally applied for 30 min or 3 hr to the surface of the sensorimotor cortex of rats, and the effects of anodal polarization on protein kinase C (PKCgamma) activity were examined. The brains were processed by means of immunocytochemistry using the monoclonal antibody 36G9 raised against purified(More)
c-Fos protein-like immunoreactivity (IR) was investigated in the rat brain following an application of weak anodal direct current to the surface of the unilateral sensorimotor cortex in an attempt to elucidate the cellular and molecular bases of central plasticity. Anodal polarization resulted in a massive increase in c-Fos protein-like IR in neurons of the(More)
Protein kinase C gamma (PKC gamma)-like immunoreactivity was examined in the rat brain, employing the monoclonal antibody 36G9 raised against purified PKC gamma, after an application of weak anodal direct current to the surface of the sensorimotor cortex. Anodal polarization with 3.0 microA for 30 min resulted in a pronounced increase in the number of PKC(More)
BACKGROUND Infection of alveolar macrophages (AMs), which constitute the first line of defense against Mycobacterium tuberculosis, initiates an intense interaction between the host's innate immune response and mycobacteria that may assist in the successful intracellular parasitism of M. tuberculosis. METHODS Expression of tumor necrosis factor (TNF)-(More)
The expression of protein kinase c gamma (PKC gamma) and c-fos protein was examined by means of double labeling in the rat brain in relation to the molecular mechanism of central plastic changes associated with anodal polarization. Under normal, non-polarized condition, approximately 75% of all fos positive neurons in the neocortex were immunopositive for(More)
BACKGROUND Postmenopausal osteoporosis affects large fraction of elderly women. Oxidative stress (OS) appears to be involved in its pathogenesis. The scarcity of human studies focusing on the correlation between bone mineral density (BMD) and OS in postmenopausal women has prompted us to study on this issue. MATERIALS AND METHODS We conducted a cross(More)
The case of a 38 years old man with generalized pains fatigue, anorexia, constipation, polyuria serum calcium level of 20.6mg/dl in paired renal function parathyroid hormone is presented. Sestamibi scan showed a functioning left inferior parathyroid tumor, which was successfully removed. Before surgery he was managed with rehydration, diuretics and(More)
Survey operation to collect information about environmental parameters is an inevitable part in various cases. But manual data logging by human is dangerous in perilous places. This paper deals with design and implementation of a RF Controlled Robotic Environmental Survey Assistant System for remote survey operations, which can assist in remote data(More)