Najmeh Daroogheh

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— In this paper, a novel method for a time-varying parameter estimation technique using particle filters is proposed based on the concept of Recursive Prediction Error (RPE). According to the proposed method, a parallel structure for both state and parameter estimation in a nonlinear non-Gaussian system is developed. The performance of the developed(More)
1 Abstract— In this paper a general framework is developed for state estimation in a class of nonlinear continuous-time singularly perturbed systems. Our approach is based on the hybrid extended Kalman filter in which observations are originated from discrete measurements. The developed framework is also extended to include linearization error in the(More)
In this paper, a dual estimation methodology is developed for both time-varying parameters and states of a nonlinear stochastic system based on the Particle Filtering (PF) scheme. Our developed methodology is based on a concurrent implementation of state and parameter estimation filters as opposed to using a single filter for simultaneously estimating the(More)
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