Najiba Tagougui

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This paper describes the on-line Arabic handwriting recognition competition held at tenth International Conference on Document Analysis and Recognition (ICDAR in Proceedings of the 10th international conference on document analysis and recognition, vol 3, pp 1388–1392, 2009). This first competition uses the so-called ADAB database with Arabic on-line(More)
Online Handwriting Recognition is still of interest with the big demand on the nomadic computers and the pen based interfaces. For the Arabic language, it is far to be claimed as a solved problem. This paper presents an online Arabic Handwriting Recognition System based on Hidden Markov Models (HMMs) and Multi Layer Perceptron Neural Networks (MLPNNs). The(More)
Researches on handwriting recognition have known a great attention since it has been considered as a technological revolution in man-machines interfaces especially that handwriting has continued to persist as the most used mean of communication and recording information in day-to-day life. The challenging nature of handwriting recognition and segmentation(More)
In this work we propose a hybrid NN/HMM model for online Arabic handwriting recognition. The proposed system is based on Hidden Markov Models (HMMs) and Multi Layer Perceptron Neural Networks (MLPNNs). The input signal is segmented to continuous strokes called segments based on the BetaElliptical strategy by inspecting the extremum points of the curvilinear(More)
In the cursive handwriting recognition process, script trajectory segmentation and modeling represent an important task for large or open lexicon context that becomes more complicated in multi-writer applications. In this paper, we will present a developed system of Arabic online handwriting modeling based on graphemes segmentation and the extraction of its(More)