Najib El Kamoun

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Wireless sensor network is a large number of small battery powered sensors, where the failures of sensor nodes and the loss of connectivity are common phenomena. Therefore, energy consumption is an important issue to achieve a longer network lifetime. Several clustering protocols have been aimed to provide balancing of the residual energy particularly(More)
— There has been recently a trend of exploiting the heterogeneity in WSNs and the mobility of either the sensor nodes or the sink nodes to facilitate data dissemination in WSNs. Recently, there has been much focus on mobile sensor networks, and we have even seen the development of small-profile sensing devices that are able to control their own movement.(More)
Location information is essential in many applications of WSNs,it is natural to use this information for routing as well. Location-based protocols or geographical routing protocols to exploit the location information of each node to provide efficient and scalable routing. Various routing algorithms that feat geographic information (e.g., GPSR) have been(More)
—The simulation of large-scale networks is a challenging task especially if the network to simulate is the Dynamic Multipoint Virtual Private Network, it requires expert knowledge to properly configure its component technologies. The study of these network architectures in a real environment is almost impossible because it requires a very large number of(More)
Multiple sinks routing is envisioned as a possible solution to the bottleneck research problem in Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN). In addition to focusing on minimizing the energy consumption in a WSN, it is also equally important to design routing protocols that fairly and evenly distribute the network traffic; in order to prolong the network life time and(More)
Application d'une approche inspirée des colonies de fourmis pour la recommandation des chemins d'apprentissage dans un cours en ligne : modèle et cc Cette oeuvre est mise à disposition selon les termes de la licence Creative Commons Attribution-Pas de Modification 2.5 Canada Résumé Dans cet article, nous présentons la mise en oeuvre, l'expérimentation et(More)
—Cloud Computing can provide many benefits for university. It is a new paradigm of IT, which provides all resources such as software (SaaS), platform (PaaS) and infrastructure (IaaS) as a service over the Internet. In cloud computing, user can access the services anywhere, at any time and using any devices (Smart phones, tablet computers, laptops,(More)
—In this paper we propose an improvement to the GRPW algorithm for wireless sensor networks called GRPW-M , which collects data in a wireless sensor network (WSN) using a mobile nodes. Performance of GRPW algorithm algorithm depends heavily on the immobile sensor nodes. This prediction can be hard to do. For that reason, we propose a modified algorithm that(More)