Najib El Kamoun

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Wireless sensor network is a large number of small battery powered sensors, where the failures of sensor nodes and the loss of connectivity are common phenomena. Therefore, energy consumption is an important issue to achieve a longer network lifetime. Several clustering protocols have been aimed to provide balancing of the residual energy particularly(More)
Location information is essential in many applications of WSNs,it is natural to use this information for routing as well. Location-based protocols or geographical routing protocols to exploit the location information of each node to provide efficient and scalable routing. Various routing algorithms that feat geographic information (e.g., GPSR) have been(More)
Dynamic Multipoint Virtual Private Network " DMVPN " is a solution for the dynamic creation of virtual Private IP tunnels between multiple sites automatically, quickly and with the least configuration. Routing protocols are component technologies' main parts of the DMVPN solution, they ensure the smooth establishment of tunnels and have a major impact on(More)
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