Najib Abboud

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Finite element modeling is being adopted in the design of ultrasonic transducers and imaging arrays. Impetus is accelerated product design cycles and the need to push the technology. Existing designs are being optimized and new concepts are being explored. This recent acceptance follows the convergence of improvements on many fronts: necessary computer(More)
Two complementary simulation methodologies for ductile fracture in large sheet metal components are presented and evaluated in this paper. The first approach is based on the phenomenological dilatational plasticity-damage model developed by Woelke and Abboud [68], which accounts for pressure-dependent volumetric damage growth through a scalar damage(More)
The US Navy is developing a new suite of computational mechanics tools (Navy Enhanced Sierra Mechanics) for the prediction of ship response, damage, and shock environments transmitted to vital systems during threat weapon encounters. NESM includes fully coupled Euler-Lagrange solvers tailored to ship shock/damage predictions. NESM is optimized to support(More)
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