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UNLABELLED There are many reasons for dental implant failure, the development of bacteremia is concern for dentists. This is due to the possibility of unfavorable result such as implant loss or the need for re-treatment. In general, antibiotic prophylaxis is recommended for high risk patients such as individuals with an immunodeficiency, infectious(More)
Recently, there has been an ongoing trend of case reports that highlight the presence of more than four root canals in mandibular first molars. This tendency warns clinicians to be more prudent when dealing with mandibular first molars requiring endodontic treatment. Moreover, radiographic examination should be taken as a clue providing tool rather than as(More)
A local virulent strain, VLT, of Newcastle disease virus formed 3- to 4-mm plaques on monolayers of primary chicken embryo cultures on the 4th day after inoculation. It agglutinated chicken and human 0 erythrocytes. Its hemagglutinin was stable at 56 C when compared with those of Komarov (K) and F vaccinal strains of the same virus. The viral titer of(More)
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