Najam-ud-din Ahmed

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Analog fault diagnosis is a field of paramount importance, and test signal generation is an important prerequisite for analog fault detection. Several stimuli have been used as input test vectors. This study presents a novel approach for the adoption of classical methods and signals for fault detection. This involves the use of asymmetrical periodic signals(More)
Power consumption is becoming a pressing issue in microprocessor design. Caches usually consume large part of the total power consumption of the chip. This paper introduces a novel low power cache architecture which is based on separating the in-coming cache data. Data is separated in two different banks: bank1 that mostly contains 1s data and bank0 that(More)
Technique for Order preference by Similarity to Ideal Solution (TOPSIS) is a Multi Attribute DecisionMaking (MADM) technique employed in diverse disciplines for the prioritization of alternative options/solutions to a problem. Test vector compaction for analog fault detection is a field which is witnessing continuous growth and experimentation. This study(More)
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