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Expectations for medical and healthcare robotics
It is no exaggeration to say that we are up against an inordinate lack of hospital staff, with a shortage of labour in non-medical as well as in specialized medical fields in Japan. Expand
Comparison of osteometric femoral bone dimensions among the South Africans of different ethnic groups and South African whites
Abstract Objectives The main objective of this paper was to use femoral data to determine whether the different South African ethnic groups should be considered as a homogenous population, as hasExpand
Excessive use of Mobile Phones by Medical Students: Should Precautions be Taken?
Smart mobile phone usage is rapidly increasing among the students in colleges. Many new symptoms have emerged such as mobile phone addiction, nomophobia and ringxiety among users. The objective ofExpand
Differences in femoral morphology among the Orientals and Caucasians: a comparative study using plain radiographs
The purpose of this study was to identify the differences in femoral dimensions among Caucasian and Oriental populations. A total of 268 femora were collected from China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan and theExpand
Effects of Electromagnetic Field on the Development of Chick Embryo: An In Vivo Study
This study was conducted to explore the effects of electromagnetic waves on a developing chick embryo. The radiofrequency electromagnetic waves (RFW) emitted by different smart phones was measured byExpand
Four month intensive teaching of anatomy: an acceptable foundation for the clinical years.
BACKGROUND This study was undertaken to determine whether medical students' recall of anatomy is lost when the student reaches clinical years, and whether a four month teaching of Anatomy in theExpand
The Effects of Electromagnetic Fields on Mitochondria: An Ultra-structural and Biochemical Study
Smart phones use non-ionizing low frequency electromagnetic waves (RFW) for communication. Excessive use of smart phones may cause adverse health effects. We studied the effects of these RFW on the...
Growth Retardation Of Chick Embryo Exposed To A Low Dose Of Electromagnetic Waves.
BACKGROUND The objectives of this study were to explore the effects of low dose of the nonionizing (REW) emitted by a mobile phone on the development of chick embryo. METHODS one hundred and twentyExpand