Naizhao Guo

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This chapter † presents a wideband radio system design concept that takes advantage of rich multipath propagation. Depending upon the channel information, each pair of transmitter and receiver in the system chooses a transmit waveform that is optimal in some sense. The transmitters are capable of waveform level preprocessing, while the receivers can be(More)
The genetic manipulation of the laboratory mouse has been well developed and generated more and more mouse lines for biomedical research. To advance our science exploration, it is necessary to share genetically modified mouse lines with collaborators between institutions, even in different countries. The transfer process is complicated. Significant(More)
This paper discusses an investigation of a one-year experiment of teaching English as a foreign language (TEFL) conducted at Shanxi University of Finance and Economics. The experiment involved three teachers and 550 non-English major undergraduates of the University, sponsored by the Chinese Ministry of Education. The study aims to find the factors(More)
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