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Recently, extensive research efforts have been dedicated to view-based methods for 3-D object retrieval due to the highly discriminative property of multiviews for 3-D object representation. However, most of state-of-the-art approaches highly depend on their own camera array settings for capturing views of 3-D objects. In order to move toward a general(More)
In our previous work, we have presented results on Virtual Slope Walking, that is when a robot walks on level ground down a virtual slope by leg length modulation , based on the potential energy restoration in Passive Dynamic Walking. In this paper, we introduce the model of Virtual Slope Walking with Trajectory Leg Extension (TLE) and equivalent(More)
Ball and plate system is the extension of traditional ball and beam system. In this paper, a trajectory planning and tracking problem of ball and plate system is put forward to proof-test diverse control schemes. Firstly, we derive the mathematical model of the ball and plate system in detail. Then a hierarchical fuzzy control scheme is proposed to deal(More)