Naison Gasela

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Recent advances in computing such as the massively parallel GPUs (Graphical Processing Units),coupled with the need to store and deliver large quantities of digital data especially images, has brought a number of challenges for Computer Scientists, the research community and other stakeholders. These challenges, such as prohibitively large costs to(More)
Small embedded devices such as microcontrollers have been widely used for identification, authentication, securing and storing confidential information. In all these applications, the security and privacy of the microcontrollers are of crucial importance. To provide strong security to protect data, these devices depend on cryptographic algorithms to ensure(More)
In Computer Science Education, teaching of computer programming (CP) for beginners remains one of the greatest challenges. This is due to the nature of first year students characterized by under-preparedness, poor academic background and so on. Moreover, the traditional lecture-based approach is used and the computer laboratories are rarely used.(More)
Multimodal systems are considered to be the most dependable among the other types of biometric systems because it is more difficult to forge multiple traits than a single one. Hence, having a fingerprint multi-algorithmic system would not make authentication more secure considering an attacker trying to gain unauthorized access provided with a fingerprint(More)
Vehicular ad hoc network (VANET) is an emerging network technology with the goal of providing public safety, traffic coordination and infotainment for the comfort of passengers in moving vehicles. However, it faces the challenge of not providing the expected quality of service (QoS) when streaming videos online. This challenge emanate from the variable(More)
A wide variety of cryptographic embedded devices including smartcards, ASICs and FPGAs must be secure against breaking in. However, these devices are vulnerable to side channel attacks. A side channel attack uses physical attributes such as differences in the power consumption measured from the physical implementation of the cryptosystem while it is(More)
Police impersonation is a serious crime against the state and is on the rise globally. One reason why it is easily accomplished is the lack of strong security features on police equipment. Police impersonation could place the citizens in a state of insecurity and upsurge social anxiety. Moreover, it could tarnish the image of the police and reduce their(More)
Technology needs to be eco-friendly most importantly microchips need to be redesigned and manufactured in an eco-friendly manner since they are the heart of all technology. With a look to the future its not hard for one to conclude that silicon will meet its fate. Wise men said the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago and the second best time is now.(More)
This paper presents issues of computer programming and results of controlled experiment conducted to evaluate and understand the significance of pair programming in the teaching of programming. It involved 42 second year students attending object-oriented programming in Java, CISM 214 module as an elective at our institution. The experiment assessed the(More)
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