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served as reviewers. The third reviewer chose to remain anonymous. Abstract Best practice exemplars suggest that digital platforms play a critical role in managing supply chain activities and partnerships that generate perjormance gains for firms. However, there is Umited academic investigation on how and why information technology can create performance(More)
The confluence of several developments in technology and trends in the business environment has led to the emergence of new outsourcing model, the Application Service Provider (ASP). In this paper we draw upon outsourcing literature to understand the factors that are likely to influence the adoption of the ASP model. An initial research model is developed(More)
The importance of managing the extended enterprise is a recurrent theme, and many consider supply chains to be the next frontier of opportunities to improve profitability and competitive advantage for organizations. Building on prior work that has identified the value creation capabilities of integrated digital platforms and relational conditions, the paper(More)
The genotoxic effect of NOx was investigated on somatic human chromosomes obtained from lymphocytes of 45 goldsmiths exposed to 1770.5 mg/m3 NOx in ambient air at normal temperature and pressure and compared to an equal number of matched controls breathing air containing 50 microgram/m3 NOx. Short-term lymphocyte cultures were set up from blood collected(More)
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