Naini Burman

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A number of mechanisms have been described by which African trypanosomes undergo the genetic switches that differentially activate their variant surface glycoprotein genes (VSGs) and bring about antigenic variation. These mechanisms have been observed mainly in trypanosome lines adapted, by rapid syringe passaging, to laboratory conditions. Such(More)
The blue light photoreceptors cryptochromes are ubiquitous in higher plants and are vital for regulating plant growth and development. In spite of being involved in controlling agronomically important traits like plant height and flowering time, cryptochromes have not been extensively characterized from agriculturally important crops. Here we show that(More)
Plants have evolved an intricate network of sensory photoreceptors and signalling components to regulate their development. Among the light signalling components identified till date, HY5, a bZIP transcription factor, has been investigated extensively. However, most of the work on HY5 has been carried out in Arabidopsis, a dicot. In this study, based on(More)
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