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The effect of various classes of chemical enhancers was investigated for the transdermal delivery of the anesthetic lidocaine across pig and human skin in vitro. The lipid disrupting agents (LDA) oleic acid, oleyl alcohol, butenediol, and decanoic acid by themselves or in combination with isopropyl myristate (IPM) showed no significant flux enhancement.(More)
The growth of embryonic first lower mouse molars in vitro was slow and reduced in comparison with in vivo development: the volume of teeth removed on day 15 and 16 of gestation and cultured for 6 days did not exceed the volume reached at day 18 in vivo. The volume of teeth removed on day 17 and 18 and cultured for 6 days either remained constant or(More)
Patterns of cell proliferation kinetics have been examined in mouse first mandibular molars growing in vivo and in vitro. In vitro teeth were cultured on semi-solid medium or on Millipore filters. These conditions led respectively to normal and abnormal cusp formation. Similar cell-compartment specific mitotic activities existed in vivo and in vitro.(More)
Thirteen pyridine compounds, phenylbutazone, and three salicylates were studied for their effects upon the turnover of 7-14C-nicotinamide dinucleotides in the mouse. The compounds were administered at equitoxic doses (LD25) to 7-14C-nicotinic acid- (niacin) pretreated mice, and the induced excretion of urinary-14C was analyzed in terms of total 14C and(More)
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