Naimah Mohd Hussin

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This paper investigates a tabu search based hyper-heuristic for solving examination timetabling problems. The hyper-heuristic framework uses a tabu list to monitor the performance of a collection of low-level heuristics and then make tabu heuristics that have been applied too many times, thus allowing other heuristics to be applied. Experiments carried out(More)
In this paper we introduce, and solve, an examination timetabling problem at University Technology MARA (UiTM). UiTM is the largest university in Malaysia. It has 13 branch campuses and offers 144 programs delivered by 18 faculties. We discuss their examination timetabling problem with respect to its size, complexity and constraints. We analyse and process(More)
— In this paper, harmony search algorithm is applied to curriculum-based course timetabling. The implementation, specifically the process of improvisation consists of memory consideration, random consideration and pitch adjustment. In memory consideration, the value of the course number for new solution was selected from all other course number located in(More)
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