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Combinatoty logic claims to do the same work as I-calculus but with a simpler language and a simpler reduction process. In a sense this claim is true: the classical reduction process in ir-calculus is indeed more complex than that in combinatory logic. But by changing its definition only slightly one can define in I-calculus a perfect analogue of(More)
In this paper, we introduce union soft subnear-rings and union soft ideals of a near-ring and union soft N-subgroups and union soft N-ideals of an N-group by using Molodtsov’s definition of soft sets and investigate their related properties with respect to soft set operations, soft anti-image and lower α-inclusion of soft sets. Since these notions show how(More)
The authors regret that there is a correction needed to Reference [29] and apologize for any inconvenience caused. Reference [29] should read ‘‘N. Çağman, S. Enginoğlu, Soft set theory and uni-int decision making, European Journal of Operational Research 207 (2010) 848–855’’ instead of ‘‘N. Çağman, S. Enginoğlu, Soft set theory and uni-int decisionmaking,(More)