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We use a mutant hairless Sprague Dawley rat to evaluate the capacity of retinoids to inhibit the epidermal ornithine decarboxylase activity induced by sellotape stripping. In order to minimize the variability introduced by the animals in our model we decided to validate the hairless rats used. A number of animal parameters were examined using a single lot(More)
Using a rat dermatosis model, produced by dietary essential fatty acid deficiency (EFAD), which is characterized by histological changes and elevated transepidermal water loss, changes in skin permeability were studied using [14C]-hydrocortisone (HC). Skin, serum and urinary levels of HC were measured, and absorption and excretion of HC in EFAD rats(More)
A survey of dental health, hygiene and dietary habits in children was done in Peshawar. Dental ailments observed in pre-school children were due to lack of regular dental check ups, intake of refined sugary foods and wrong application of brushes. Thorough cleansing of teeth after meals particularly after dinner with good quality clean brushes, consumption(More)
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