Naikun Shen

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A novel α-amylase/pullulanase-producing bacterium, designated strain GST4(T), was isolated from samples collected from the wastewater of a cassava starch factory in Nanning, Guangxi Autonomous Region, southern China. Cells of strain GST4(T) were rod-shaped bacilli containing ellipsoidal terminal spores and found to be Gram-reaction-positive, aerobic,(More)
We optimized the conditions of mixed fermentation of very high gravity ethanol with cassava flour and sugarcane juice. Based on the single factor experiment, we screened the important parameters for very high gravity ethanol fermentation with cassava flour and sugarcane juice by the Plackeet-burman design. Then, we obtained the optimum values of the(More)
Succinic acid is an important C4 platform chemical in the synthesis of many commodity and special chemicals. In the present work, different compounds were evaluated for succinic acid production by Actinobacillus succinogenes GXAS 137. Important parameters were screened by the single factor experiment and Plackeet-Burman design. Subsequently, the highest(More)
We optimized the conditions of simultaneous saccharification and fermentation (SSF) from cassava flour into high-concentration ethanol by thermophilic yeast GXASY-10. Based on the single factor experiment, we screened the important parameters by Plackeet-burman design. We used the path of steepest ascent to approach to the biggest region of ethanol(More)
Duckweed is potentially an ideal succinic acid (SA) feedstock due to its high proportion of starch and low lignin content. Pretreatment methods, substrate content and nitrogen source were investigated to enhance the bioconversion of duckweed to SA and to reduce the costs of production. Results showed that acid hydrolysis was an effective pretreatment method(More)
The regions suitable for growing cassava include five provinces in Southern China, with Guangxi alone accounting for over 65% of the total cassava production in the country. In this article, the state-of-the-art development of fuel ethanol production from cassava in China is illustrated by the construction of the cassava fuel ethanol plant with its annual(More)
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