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In in vitro tests with 18 plant pathogens, the fungicide 3-[5-(4-chlorophenyl)-2,3-dimethyl-3-isoxazolidinyl] pyridine (SYP-Z048) was highly effective on inhibiting mycelial growth of various ascomycota and basidiomycota, with EC50 values ranging from 0.008 to 1.140 μg/ml. SYP-Z048 had much weaker activity against growth of oomycota with EC50 values > 100(More)
Sixty-eight field isolates of Peronophythora litchii, the causal agent of litchi downy blight, were examined for sensitivity to four novel QoI fungicides (SYP-1620, SYP-2815, ZJ0712 and enestroburin) in vitro with a mycelial growth assay. Ranges and means of EC50 values (in μg/mL) were 0.047–0.288 and 0.138 for SYP-2815, 0.056–0.992 and 0.148 for ZJ0712,(More)
Peronophythora litchii is the causal agent of litchi downy blight. Enestroburin, SYP-1620, SYP-2815 and ZJ0712 are four novel QoI fungicides developed by China. Eight mutants of P. litchii resistant to these QoI fungicides and azoxystrobin (as a known QoI fungicide) were obtained in our preliminary work. In this study, the full length of the cytochrome b(More)
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