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BACKGROUND Seasonal associations of cardiovascular mortality have been noted in most populations of European origin years ago, but are not well evaluated in Asian populations recently. METHODS Utilizing the electronic Hospitalization Summary Reports (HSRs) from 32 top-ranked hospitals in Beijing, China, we evaluated the association between winter season(More)
Gene regulation is a key factor in gaining a full understanding of molecular biology. Cis-regulatory modules (CRMs), consisting of multiple transcription factor binding sites, have been confirmed as the main regulators in gene expression. In recent years, a novel regulator known as microRNA (miRNA) has been found to play an important role in gene(More)
Although virtual screening through molecular docking has been widely applied in lead discovery, it is still challenging to distinguish true hits from high-scoring decoys because of the difficulty in accurately predicting protein-ligand binding affinities. Following the successful application of energy landscape analysis to both protein folding and(More)
The identification of motif modules, groups of multiple motifs frequently occurring in DNA sequences, is one of the most important tasks necessary for annotating the human genome. Current approaches to identifying motif modules are often restricted to searches within promoter regions or rely on multiple genome alignments. However, the promoter regions only(More)
Discovering the regulation of cancer-related gene is of great importance in cancer biology. Transcription factors and microRNAs are two kinds of crucial regulators in gene expression, and they compose a combinatorial regulatory network with their target genes. Revealing the structure of this network could improve the authors' understanding of gene(More)
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