Naif Tarafdar

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We present an efficient multi-query event stream platform to support query processing over high-frequency event streams. Our platform is built over reconfigurable hardware -- FPGAs -- to achieve line-rate multi-query processing by exploiting unprecedented degrees of parallelism and potential for pipelining, only available through custom-built,(More)
We present a novel method of using cloud-based virtualized reconfigurable hardware to enhance the functionality of OpenFlow Software-Defined Networks. OpenFlow is a capable and popular SDN implementation, but when users require new or unsupported packet-processing, software processing in the OpenFlow controller cannot provide multi-gigabit rates. Our method(More)
We present a framework for creating network FPGA clusters in a heterogeneous cloud data center. The FPGA clusters are created using a logical kernel description describing how a group of FPGA kernels are to be connected (independent of which FPGA these kernels are on), and an FPGA mapping file. The kernels within a cluster can be replicated with simple(More)
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