Naif Alhumeed

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Dendritic cells (DCs) are critical for the initiation of immune responses including activation of CD8 T cells. Intracellular reactive oxygen species (ROS) levels influence DC maturation and function. Intracellular heme, a product of catabolism of heme-containing metalloproteins, is a key inducer of ROS. Intracellular heme levels are regulated by heme(More)
The CD28 superagonist (CD28SA) TGN1412 was administered to humans as an agent that can selectively activate and expand regulatory T cells but resulted in uncontrolled T cell activation accompanied by cytokine storm. The molecular mechanisms that underlie this uncontrolled T cell activation are unclear. Physiological activation of T cells leads to(More)
Nrf2 is a redox-responsive transcription factor that has been implicated in the regulation of DC immune function. Loss of Nrf2 results in increased co-stimulatory molecule expression, enhanced T cell stimulatory capacity, and increased reactive oxygen species (ROS) levels in murine immature DCs (iDCs). It is unknown whether altered immune function of(More)
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