Naiche O. Jones

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Follow-up of the sites of 839 peripheral arterial punctures has confirmed the technique as safe and free from major sequelae. Minor complications, mainly bruising and tenderness, occurred at 39% of sites; this incidence is much less than that previously reported following short-term arterial cannulation. At only 2% of sites was there any significant pain or(More)
Two classes of gas-phase aluminum-iodine clusters have been identified whose stability and reactivity can be understood in terms of the spherical shell jellium model. Experimental reactivity studies show that the Al13I-x clusters exhibit pronounced stability for even numbers of I atoms. Theoretical investigations reveal that the enhanced stability is(More)
Arterial blood samples were taken at hourly intervals for three hours from ten patients who were artificially ventilated in the immediate postoperative period following mitral valve replacement. Constant minute volume ventilation was used without periodic hyperinflation. Over the three-hour period the arterial blood oxygen tension rose slightly. It was(More)