Naiara Moreira

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In this paper we present the emotional-BDI architecture, an extension to the BDI architecture supporting artificial emotions and including internal representations for agent's capabilities and resources. The architecture we present here is conceptual, defining which components should exist so that emotional-BDI agents can use effective capabilities as well(More)
The network robustness and reliability are strongly influenced by the implementation of redundancy and its ability of reacting to changes. In situations where packet loss or maximum latency requirements are critical, replication of resources and information may become the optimal technique. To this end, the IEC 62439-3 Parallel Redundancy Protocol (PRP)(More)
In this paper, the latency times offered by two COTS IEC 62439-3 switch IP cores implementable on FPGAs have been compared. The first one, combines Cut-Through with Store-and-Forward switching architectures. The second IP is based only on Store-and-Forward switching technique. The analysis shows that a custom architecture that combines Cut-Through with(More)
Cyber-Physical Production Systems are characterized by integrating sensors, processing and communication in Industrial Environments like in advanced manufacturing plants or in the new generation Smart Grids. In these context, the accuracy on the synchronization plays a vital role because it is the base for control operations and for the correlation among(More)
The smart-grid concept takes the communications from the enclosed and protected environment of a substation to the wider city or nationwide area. In this environment, cyber security takes a key role in order to secure the communications. The challenge is to be able to secure the grid without impacting the latency while, at the same time, maintaining(More)
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