Naiara Climas Pereira

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Brazil has only one public genetic pool of Bombyx mori strains, which was established in 2005 at Universidade Estadual de Maringá, Maringá, Paraná State. This genetic bank has been maintained, and the strains have been characterized using genetic and morphological tools. The quantitative and qualitative traits, directly or indirectly related to(More)
Nucleotide sequences have been used to distinguish species and specimens for many years. More recently, the use of a partial sequence of 650 bp of the cytochrome c oxidase I, COI mitochondrial gene, has been proposed for species identification, known as DNA barcodes. In this work, a short sequence of the DNA barcode is described—approximately 250 bp, named(More)
Beyond the production of silk thread, there are several studies showing that the silk is a great biomaterial for surgical sutures and grafts. This paper shows a new technique to produce silk thread changing the natural cycle of silk production, which is the production of cocoons. This new method has the purpose of producing a silk fabric free of impurities,(More)
The domesticated silkworm Bombyx mori L. is currently found only in germplasm banks. Therefore, characterization and conservation of this genetic resource is crucial. Based on previous studies that revealed nucleotide differences in silkworm strains, the intron of the fibroin heavy chain gene (H-fib) can be used for molecular silkworm characterization. The(More)
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