Naia Gastelu

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Biomass is one of the most suitable options to be used as renewable energy source due to its extensive availability and its contribution to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Pyrolysis of lignocellulosic biomass under appropriate conditions (slow heating rate and high temperatures) can produce a quality solid product, which could be applicable to several(More)
This paper assesses the feasibility of producing a metallurgical quality charcoal (biocoke) through slow high temperature pyrolysis of woody biomass. The samples used for the experiments were different types of olive wood biomass from southern Spain as well as eucalyptus trunks from Uruguay. The experiments were conducted in a two-step process: a pyrolysis(More)
The possibilities and limits of pyrolysis as a means of recycling plastic rich fractions derived from discarded phones have been studied. Two plastic rich samples (⩾80wt% plastics) derived from landline and mobile phones provided by a Spanish recycling company, have been pyrolysed under N2 in a 3.5dm3 reactor at 500°C for 30min. The landline and mobile(More)
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