Nai-Xiang Luo

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BACKGROUND Recombinant chimeric immune receptors (CIRs) with anti-CEA specificity can retarget grafted T-cells to CEA-expressing tumors in an HLA-independent manner. To reduce the immunogenicity of conventional CIR in humans, an attempt was made to generate a CIR encoded by all human genes. MATERIALS AND METHODS A single-chain variable fragmented (scFv)(More)
Rho GTPase-activating proteins (RhoGAPs) are implicated in the development and progression of ovarian cancer. ARHGAP10 is a member of RhoGAP proteins and inactivates Cdc42 by converting GTP-bound form to GDP-bound form. Here, we aimed to evaluate ARHGAP10 expression profile and functions in ovarian cancer. The decreased expression of ARHGAP10 was found in(More)
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