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In a world with RFID carriers everywhere, the coexistence proof of multiple RFID-tagged objects shown at the same time and the same place can become a very useful mechanism and be adopted in many application areas such as computer forensics, evi-dences in law, valuables security, and warning or notification systems, etc. In order to support the correctness(More)
Constructing intelligent and efficient transportation systems for modern metropolitan areas has become a very important quest for nations possessing metropolitan cities with ever-increasing populations. A new trend is the development of smart vehicles with multiple sensors able to dynamically form a temporary vehicular ad hoc network (VANET) or a vehicular(More)
Medication error can easily cause serious health damage to inpatients in hospital. Consequently, the whole society has to spend huge amount of extra resources for additional therapies and medication on those affected inpatients. In order to prevent medication errors, secure inpatient medication administration system is required in a hospital. Using RFID(More)
The design of a secure communication scheme for Radio Frequency IDentification (RFID) systems has been extensively studied in recent years in view of the awareness of individual privacy and the requirement of robust system security. Most of previous works assume the communication channel between an RFID reader and its backend server is secure and(More)
In recent years, many researches have introduced RFID-based solutions to enhance patient medication safety and avoid human errors during e-Health process. Although such RFID-based procedures are more efficient than traditional eHealth process, patient's information may be explored in the data transmission period and this will cause inappropriate medication(More)
The nature of data security vulnerability and location privacy invasion of RFID systems have become a serious problem after hundreds of RFID application systems deployed all over the world. One of the promising solution directions is to provide an efficient authentication scheme with the compliance of international RFID standards such as EPCglobal,(More)
Smart card based authentication scheme has been widely utilized for various transaction-oriented services such as electronic currency exchange, social insurance payment and e-commerce payment charge in modern society. How to develop a smart card based authentication scheme to support initiator untraceability and defend against major security threats for a(More)