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In industrial fermentation of amino acids the cells are often forced to synthesize the biochemicals excessive of their physiological needs. The knowledge of metabolic networks and their regulation relevant usually come from biochemical research, especially from enzymology, not from engineering study. To enrich the knowledge of metabolic sub-network of(More)
105Rh(III)Cl2 complexes with a limited series of [14]ane- and [16]ane- thia macrocycles were prepared and their biodistributions in Sprague-Dawley rats studied. These studies demonstrate that modifications in the structure and composition of the 105Rh-thia macrocycle complexes produce significant differences in their uptake and retention in both the liver(More)
The water-soluble dithio-bis(hydroxymethyl)phosphine ligands (HOH2C)2P(CH2)2 S(CH2)3S(CH2)2P(CH2OH)2 and (HOH2C)2P(CH2)3S(CH2)3S(CH2)3P(CH2OH)2 were complexed with 99mTc. The 99mTc-P2S2 complexes were formed in high radiochemical purity by simple mixing of 99mTcO-4 with the ligands or by transchelation from 99mTc-citrate. The 99mTc-P2S2 complexes were(More)
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