Nai-Jen Li

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This paper proposes a method to detect people and estimate the number of the people in a supermarket for energy-saving. By using background subtraction technique to extract foreground, and utilizing the foreground to match adjustable standard template, the method detects people and eliminates non-human objects. Simultaneously, the people positions can be(More)
This study proposes a fuzzy dynamic turning (FDT) strategy to adjust inertia weight of the enhanced particle swarm optimization incorporating a weighted particle (EPSOWP). In the proposed study, EPSOWP has two principal updating search behaviors which are switched alternately. One of the two behaviors includes the term w×v(t) where w is the inertia(More)
This paper studies the H control problem for a nonlinear large-scale system with unknown disturbance. In the large-scale system, each subsystem “without” nonlinear interconnections and disturbance is transformed into a T-S fuzzy system. Moreover, based on a linear decomposition, the nonlinear interconnection corresponding to each subsystem is decomposed to(More)
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